Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Wait Is Over...

At first I thought I would go back to Zambia in June, then the date changed to August. When August rolled on by and a huge project was again delayed - this time to November - I felt more than frustrated. Waiting is hard, especially since I am a 28 year old woman staying at my parent’s house (although I have loved being with them)! After all the waiting, the time has finally come, and the ticket has been purchased to return to Zambia October 17 through January 17th

I have been working as a nurse while home, and believe I have raised enough money to sustain myself until January!  However, I will be looking for help with special projects should anyone feel a tug in his/her heart to participate.  I invite you to continue on this amazing ride! There will be plenty of opportunities for you to impact lives in Zambia!

Gift on site with the builders! This was two weeks ago. I believe the
brick work is almost finished now! Check out the text to see what big
project this is!
While there, I will be finishing a huge project with the disabled group, Kwasha Mukwenu (meaning “Help Your Friends”). Initial’s Inc. iCare Foundation and Creative Partners raised enough money to complete a sewing workshop and training center building! We were lucky to get Africare to manage the project in-country! It is estimated that it will be finished in November! This is a BIG deal! It is projected to be the flagship model to improve the standard of living for disabled people in Africa! 

Kwasha Mukwenu (KM) has been sustainable for many years now. KM plans to pay this opportunity forward by teaching disabled people the skill of sewing, equipping them to support themselves. They are already doing this now; however the available space does not allow wheelchairs to pass through the doors and is too small for the number of people they teach.

I will also be working on a short documentary featuring Gift Kahangu to share his inspirational story with the world! I have talked about him and his beautiful spirit on many occasions! This has been a vision since our first meeting. I have decided to just “go for it” with the help of an awesome friend who is willing to put in his time stateside! More to come on this project as it develops! 
Gift with a woman whom he has been teaching
 how to walk with crutches donated from the
 Disabled Association he co-founded. 

When I left Zambia last January, I knew my time in the village (Luamala) was finished, however it was evident that someone needed to be on site to provide continuous support for community development. I gave my hut to the Peace Corps, the only organization equipped to place volunteers in rural settings. This organization encourages it’s volunteers to live like locals promoting education and empowering villagers. Thankfully, Peace Corps decided it was a great idea! From what I have heard, an experienced female volunteer has recently moved in and is making a good impression on the community! I feel relief and excitement about this opportunity for Luamala! I am filled with enthusiasm to anticipate  program (sewing, bee-keeping, rabbit farming, clinic services) development over the next years!

Since I gave up my hut, I will be staying in another rural village with a Canadian friend, Marissa, who started an organization called Same World Same Chance (SWSC)! I am excited to support her innovative organization any way I can! I have visited her often over the past several years and believe fully in the work she is doing! I am hoping many of you will also see how the education they provide gives hope! See below for several items that are needed for Same World Same Chance! 

Looking back over the last three years, I am overwhelmed by God’s blessings! I thank each one of you who have been a part of this incredible journey!  Little could have been done without you! 

We are here on this earth to appreciate the Beauty around us wherever we are; and to Love each other, whether it is the next-door neighbor or someone so far away it seems like they don’t exist. We are each given desires leading us in different directions. People have asked why I went to Zambia when there are overwhelming problems stateside. Simply put, my heart led me to Africa!  Every heart is blessed by Whispers; it is a choice whether or not to listen. Sometimes, if we take a risk, let go of familiarity, and act, we see that nothing was ever really a sacrifice. 

I am grateful for my failures. It is the difficult times that have made me stronger. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned about God. “Ask and it will be given”. Trust. I am never alone. Love. 

I am grateful for each letter of encouragement. No one can finish alone. We humans are all connected to each other and we must never forget that. I need you.

Marissa brought me a birthday cake to celebrate my 28th year!
 I am excited to be able to introduce y'all to SWSC's work!
I plan to set up sponsorship for children again this Christmas!  We will help local community groups who support orphans and children who are vulnerable! I will be working with three groups this year and each group works hard all year long to support many children. The sponsorship will supplement extremely tight budgets and allow children to start the new school year (theirs starts in January) off right!  Let me know soon if your work group, church group, etc. would like to sponsor a group of children! Everyone else, stay tuned and get ready to be a part of something amazing!

If you are interested, these are the items I need before October 12:
  1. 2 First aid kits stocked with supplies (for SWSC!)
  2. An inside school bell (for SWSC!)
  3. A world globe - may be inflatable to transport (for SWSC!)
  4. Light weight sewing technique books
  5. Children’s books
  6. Crystal Light packets
  7. Reading Glasses for KM to sell to raise money for crutches, wheelchairs, etc
  8. Unlocked iPhone 4S or 5 since it has HD recording for filming the documentary. My camera has scratches on the lens so it is needed for pictures and communicating too! (I can borrow or buy if anyone is upgrading!) 
Email me at katheriner@gmail.com if you are interested! Thanks!


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