Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Air Needs No Suitcase

Josh and Veilhem in the Nurnberg city wall apartment which
we call the passion palace!

Awesome community hangin out in Nurnberg!


The boy felt jealous of the freedom of the wind, and saw that he could have the same freedom. Nothing could hold himself back but himself.
-The Alchemist

I arrived in N├╝rnberg, Germany. And just as quickly as I was alone last Thursday, I found what feels like family!

This story is nothing else, but amazing! Someone has to be looking down over me! 2 hours before I left ATL I went to REI (my fav store) for some last minute things. As I was talking about my adventure that was starting in just hours, I heard someone sitting down say, “wait where are you going?” Turns out he (Bill, who I now call Vielhelm, the German name for William. I find it necessary.) was going to Germany the next day to start an internship program for Siemens through GA Tech. Anyways, we talked for about 1 minute, exchanged info and I left to go to the airport.
I wish you could read all of this awesome painting
that sits on the wall of the Passion Palace!

Second floor of the Passion Palace! 
After I was alone a couple days I decided to connect with him. Vielhelm and his newfound friend Josh, from London, met me as I got off the train. The three of us toured the streets of their new city into the night. Vielhelm just moved into the old city wall! Basically 4 stories plus a cellar! The wall is about 40 feet tall entirely made of stone and about 600 years old. The font door literally goes into the wall. The skinny stairs wind up displaying beautiful art throughout the 14th century apartment. The wood-burning stove has been the center of warmth for many discussions about life, passions, and theories. I have decided the “Passion Palace” as we call it and Vielhelm, who feels like my younger intellectual brother, will be my home (international) base.

When I wrote the last blog I had no idea this would happen! Choosing happiness, finding peace, and being content has been the start of many lessons learned.

Stepping out of my comfort zone was the first step… and that was pretty freakin hard and scary! But if I didn’t, I would be missing out on an adventure that every so often brings, if you will, an “Ave Maria”!

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  1. Katherine wish I could be there for the whole trip. I've really enjoyed reading your blog so far. It's been way too long. I'm actually going to be in Munich in 4 days to hang out before I fly to Paris on Oct. 10th for work. I'll be in a small town outside of Paris until the Oct. 15th. From there I'll be in Poland Oct. 18th - 22nd. Not sure where your travels are taking you during this time; but if we could meet up that would be awesome! I'm free the weekend of the 15th. I was thinking about hanging in Paris w/ some fellas from work or possibly going to Zurich, Switzerland w/ a buddy. Anyways...I hope all is well. Talk to you sooner than later. - Kyle