Monday, November 22, 2010

Muslims- Out of the Box!


Terrorists, mean, scary, crazy… all stereotypes I ignorantly thought of when I heard the word- Muslim.

I’m writing this with my tail between my legs and red cheeks. But, why not be truthful about what ideas I formed about a culture/religion I didn’t know and still only know a little about. Morocco was my first all Muslim country to visit. To be truthful I was scared to vacation in this country, I believe it was the fear of the unknown.

With Mohammed at Riad Nezha
Even though the people in this country dress exotically, speak another language, and have different religious beliefs, we were met with very friendly, respectful, and open people. Their religious dedication challenges my own faith.

The view of Fes
When we arrived in Merzouga, Mohammed, a 23 year old who ran Riad Nezha (, met us saying, “Big Welcome” at the bus station! Exhausted, Okem and I found ourselves sitting on pillows eating yet another delicious dinner Mohammed prepared for us! Eating the melt-in-your-mouth chicken tangine we looked at each other and asked, “Is this really happening?” Mohammed impressed us both with his ability to speak 7 languages fluently. He loves to travel and although he hasn’t made it out of Morocco yet he said, “I get to travel everyday with the guests who come from all over the world.” Mohammed, you will travel to many countries one day… I would be honored to have you visit me!

Following Rachid through the Fes Medina.
Our shadows standing in the doorway going in the Medina.
Meeting our guide was a favorite moment in Fes! Before we ventured out into the city, we sat in our beautifully restored Riad Borj Dhab ( sipping mint tea while getting to know our guide, Rachid. With a crooked grin, he started to tell us how much God/Allah loved everyone. Filled with excitement, he proceeded to say the only way we could have hope was through God. After finishing our tea, we followed Rachid with anticipation in seeing the Fes medina. Insha'Allah (God willing)!

I believe the saying goes, “A few bad apples spoil the whole barrel”. For Muslims, that would refer to the few extreme fundamentalist terrorists. For Christians, it would pertain to the pastor in Florida proposing to burn the Qur’an or in ancient times, The Crusades.

Dinner at Riad Borj Dhab with the owner Khalid.  
Not to gold plate this country, because just like every country, it has its problems and corruption. Not to mention, Morocco is a 3rd world country. There are people who might try to cheat the “tourist” out of their money, but because I was with a tall, black man (Okem), I didn’t get hassled at all. I think as long as you are aware of your surroundings and smart… you will absolutely love this country! Adventure awaits around every corner!


Hand painted bowls....everything was hand done.
More bars in more places.... ha! Volubilis, Morocco 
The tanneries in Fes


  1. Good post, Kat. The photo of the man painting the bowl is very good, as are your other photos that tell a story.

  2. Your photos are nice-what kind of camera are you using?