Friday, November 26, 2010

Where the Monks Brew Beer!

Andech's Monastery Brewhouse in Munich, Germany

But he was able to understand one thing: making a decision was only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.
-The Alchemist
Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria

I’m on a plane right now thinking of dinner last night. Partly because I’m hungry, peanuts and pretzels are not satisfying my hunger, but mostly because it was my farewell dinner. My good friend Josh and I ate delicious sausage (of course!) and beer brewed by the monks-basically holy water (pun intended since the monks brew it) - absolutely the best beer ever had! Oh yeah… that’s right my farewell dinner… I’m on a plane headed back to Atlanta.

Delish pastries at the Christmas Market
On a random note… I keep looking out my window and I swear it looks like we have been flying over miles and miles of trash. I know the floating plastic islands exist in every ocean; in the Pacific Ocean it is as big as the state of Texas. Is this what it really looks like? I’m looking at the horizon waiting for captain planet to fly in to the rescue.

The past 3 months have been a much-needed life changing experience. I am thinking of what I have learned about myself, people, and how to live. I believe being vulnerable and putting myself in new situations has given me a new confidence. I believe… I believe that I - everyone - is capable of more than we let ourselves believe. I have been awakened to sides of myself I didn’t know existed!

My friends Josh, Andrew, and Emily at the Christmas Market
Hallstat, Austria
Reflecting back to the person I knew myself to be riding to the airport almost 3 months ago, makes me smile. I was so scared, my heart would bolt with the thought, “What am I doing?” Scared to have an unknown future. Scared that I made an insane decision to quit my job and travel. Now, it’s exhilarating to feel the confidence in knowing I made the best decision! I followed the signs given to me to get where I am right now. And I am glad I did!

My hostel in Vienna having a jam session on a rainy day!
I don’t want to tell you why I am coming back early until it is a for sure thing. I’m following the signs… I will fill you in soon! 

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