Friday, October 29, 2010

Bad Things Happen in 3s

Austrian Alps!


God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. You just have to read the omens that he left for you.
The Alchemist

My day started off with my favorite boots breaking. No more than two hours later, I realized my purse had ripped and my hat that I just bought had a huge tear in it. Whew! They come in threes. Well that’s what I reminded myself the rest of the day at least. I’m lying in bed so hopefully that is it for the run of bad luck!

Traveling always brings unexpected adventures. To have them more often you have to be open to anything. Watch for signs and simply be open.

This trip presented itself to me in the most opportune time. Holly asked me to join her and her cousin Trevor on a 10-day trip to Europe. I said if I’m going to do this it has to be done correctly. After thinking about it for a week, things started to fall in place. Trevor said he wanted to travel with me for 6 months (although he fell through last minute). The date we left was September 14th. My contract date for my job in Austin was Sept 3rd. My apartment lease and cell phone contract ended Sept 1st. The signs kept adding up. This was what I was supposed to do. I listened to them.

Once we got to Europe Trevor decided to leave after the first 10 days, but looking back that was the best thing that could have happened! I was pretty scared and angry at first. Again, things started to fall in place. The guy I met 2 hours before my flight in Atlanta offered to let me stay with him in Nurnberg. Traveling alone at times has made me so much stronger and confident. I have been able to meet up with friends traveling here… Nick Vivian, whom I met on the side of a mountain in Alaska while climbing the face of a rock mountain on all fours with no trail at 11pm at night. We had a great time hiking in the mountains of the Czech Republic! Kyle Sewell, who is a dear high school friend. We had a great time roaming the streets of Prague. Then, the next weekend we met up in Munich, drove to Innsbruck and had more epic adventures in the Alps!

Face book is awesome! Because of it, I have been able to connect with so many random people throughout my life.

Tuscany! After wine tasting! 
This week in Florence I have met interesting people. Again, being open and positive about life will get you far. Everyone has a story to learn from. Everyone. While washing clothes, I met a guy who moved there 8 years ago from the states. Cool guy who said the life suits him and couldn’t think of a better life. My hostel I’m staying at feels like a big family. We have dinner together every night that Lorenzo (the owner) cooks for us, complete with box wine! Every night has been different. The first night I arrived, I put my stuff down, and then was invited to sit down, drink wine, and play cards. They said… “Ahhh, we will deal with money tomorrow. Now let’s have a good time.” Hostels are a fun way to meet all different types of people from all over the world!

Yesterday I met two guys on a conference here. Something about media art (basically something over my head) and borrowed one of their badges to get to see some of the art. Cool stuff, I still really don’t understand it though. Then had some people to get to know and site-see around town with. My night ended tonight with Indian food in Italy! Good times! Tomorrow I go to the countryside of Tuscany with another hostel and some friends I made at the hostel I’m staying at! I can’t wait!!

Being open to anything and anyone… with caution of course! Not everyone in the world has good intentions.

I’m headed to Spain to see some of my sister’s husband’s family this weekend. Then, meeting a friend there and on to Morocco for 2 weeks. So unless I get the chance sooner, a big update will come in November!

Open to the world… and I find the world will embrace!

Tuscany wine cellar!
(I put pics up on Facebook, but can't figure out the web address to put on here)

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  1. Kat - I think that leaping picture might be one of my all-time favorites of you! And you have several good ones.

    I know you will treasure these days, especially when they are done. So, don't feel the guilt, feel the gift and thank God for it!

    Miss you!