Monday, October 25, 2010

Waiting in Line for the Milkman


If what one finds is made of pure matter, it will never spoil. And one can always come back. If what you had found was only a moment of light, like the explosion of a star, you would find nothing on your return. –The Alchemist

Am I being selfish?

I am sitting on a mountain on the border of Poland and Czech Republic in total silence. Silence only broken by my breath, the scratching of my pen and an occasional sniffle (it’s freezing cold, but I was inspired so I am writing this until I can’t feel my fingers).

Am I being selfish? I often ask myself as I am taking in beauty after beauty. I am not working. I am not giving to society (except my money). I am just living. Living in the moment. I sometimes feel that cloud of guilt creep on my shoulders. Where does it come from? Why does it come when I am enjoying life and the beauty of nature?

Traveling is a passion of mine. I need to fight the feelings of guilt and learn to guilt free enjoy the world. I worked to do this. It’s ok to enjoy this. We are made to enjoy!

We all have passions. I think everyone has to be selfish enough to find their passions. Selfish enough to learn how to love themselves and every inch of their body. Not until we love ourselves enough to find what we really love to do, find our passions- can we really contribute to society. I think it’s then when you have found that passion whether it is working on cars, being an artist, or having a family you can contribute to society. My goal: Find what I love to do, so I can better others with my passions! I’m still finding my passions, it is OK to be a little selfish and take time for myself.

Yesterday my friend Nick and I set out in the mountain town of Pec Pod Snezkou in The Czech Republic to find matches to start a campfire. As we were walking up the small sleepy town we found a line forming behind an old van. People were bringing him empty bottles. At first I thought he was selling moonshine (obviously I’m from a rural mountain town). We totally looked like tourist staring at this 10 feet back trying to figure out what was going on. As the locals were coming out of the woodwork we were asked, “Well… are you going to buy some milk?”

What?! This was the milkman who makes his own cheese, yogurt and milk! He brings it into town Monday nights to sell to the locals. People were smiling, excited about getting their goods, and seeing their friends. And the happy excited milkman, some people might see as selfish because he enjoys and loves his life everyday. But really though it’s only when he found his passion of being a milkman he can contribute to society and love every minute!

The cheese was some of the freshest, most delicious I have ever had. Oh.. and I couldn’t help to think about how many kids look like the milkman in this town… Ha!

Nick, amazing story, but basically I met him 4 years ago hiking up a random mountain in Denali, AK. It was the most amazing hike of my life-Kate Byrd and Robbie Balenger you know what I'm talking about. He saw on FB we were going to be there the same time and we ended up getting to go hiking together again!

This is the view when I wrote this blog!

At the bottom of the mountain we hiked!

The last two- The milkman of course!)


  1. I love the Goat Milkman story! Great capture of their lives in the village and what excites them. We could all use a reset like that in our lives to help us enjoy the simpler things in life. Keep it up!

  2. How true, "everyone should be selfish enough to find their passions". I hope you find all your passions. Keep traveling Kat, can't wait to see what else you discover!